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Master of Arts (MA)



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Joseph Hovey

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Liza Talavera-Garza

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Jason Popan


Due to the rapidly growing rate of the Latinx population, mental health professionals must concentrate on finding the best treatments for this population. The group of interest for this study is young Latinas in college with anxiety symptoms. There is some research on how anxiety levels are influenced by one important factor: non-adherence to family values, however, it is important to understand what may direct this relationship. What makes this research study different is that we attempted to use family conflict as a mediator in the relationship. Furthermore, we attempted to see if levels of autonomy and emotion dysregulation influence the relationship between non-adherence to family values and high levels of anxiety in Latinas. We used a sample of 166 Latinas from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley that responded to our questionnaires and fit into our recruiting criteria. Bivariate correlations and regression analysis helped us determine if the model proposed for this study was accurate, and the results showed the contrary. Although our study did not follow as planned, it created a good starting point for future research.


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