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Master of Science (MS)



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Kaitlyn Stephens Serbin

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Luis M. Fernandez

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Hortensia Alzaga Elizondo


There are many aspects a teacher can notice inside the mathematics classroom, and the more a teacher notices, the more difficult it is to teach. In this study, I particularly focus on noticing for equity, which describes the role of the teacher in attending to studentsmathematical thinking through an equity lens that can allow the instructor to notice the aspects of classroom mathematical activity that can make students feel less or more empowered in their mathematical practices (van Es et al., 2017). There exists few research about how students perceive their instructor’s effort to promote equity and inclusion inside the classroom. Therefore, I observed an instructor’s active learning Abstract Algebra course to analyze the pedagogical moves she enacts to make everyone feel included and comfortable sharing their ideas. Then, I interviewed students about their experience in this course, particularly about their perceptions of the pedagogical moves their instructor enacted, relating these moves with how they contributed towards their sense of belonging in mathematics and their mathematical confidence. In my discussion of the results, I provide an insight into how a teacher’s noticing for equity proved to be beneficial to foster studentssense of belonging and mathematical confidence but how it does not necessarily guarantee an equitable experience for all.


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