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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Alyssa Cavazos

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Dr. Genevieve Garcia de Mueller

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Dr. Colin Charlton


Kenneth Bruffee used collaborative writing pedagogy to help reacculturate students’ discoursal identities to help them adhere to the expectations of the academic community. Although studies have shown that reacculturation may not exactly happen, Collaborative writing pedagogy still has maintained its presence within Composition studies since then and has been adapted into being implemented into digitally shared spaces. However, one aspect has been overlooked about physical shared spaces, the conversations themselves being studied. This study explores Kenneth Bruffee’s constructive conversations among secondary students within collaborative writing pedagogy. The collaborative sessions are recorded and viewed with a translingual lens applying Johnny Saldana’s coding method combined with Suresh Canagarajah’s translingual strategies to make qualitative data quantitative.


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