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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Natalia V. Guevara

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Dr. Juan Guevara Jr.

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Dr. Ahmed Touhami


Optical microscopy, the most common technique for viewing living microorganisms, is limited in resolution by Abbe’s criterion. Recent microscopy techniques focus on circumnavigating the light diffraction limit by using different methods to obtain the topography of the sample. Systems like the AFM and SEM provide images with fields of view in the nanometer range with high resolvable detail, however these techniques are expensive, and limited in their ability to document live cells. The Dino-Lite digital microscope coupled with the Zeiss Axiovert 25 CFL microscope delivers a cost-effective method for recording live cells. Fields of view ranging from 8 microns to 300 microns with fair resolution provide a reliable method for discovering native cell structures at the nanoscale.

In this report, cultured HeLa cells are recorded using different optical configurations resulting in documentation of cell dynamics at high magnification and resolution.


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