Theses and Dissertations

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Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Creative Writing

First Advisor

Dr. Robert E. Johnson

Second Advisor

Dr. Philip Zwerling

Third Advisor

Dr. Deborah L. Cole


My collection is a polythetic assortment of poetry, prose poetry, monologue and drama that serves as a polyglottic exhibition of empowerment through mimicry. Like a mockingbird, whom the Aztecs call “cenzontle” in their Nahuatl tongue, my writer’s voice is polyvoiced. I include in this collection an eclectic variety of voices: personas, languages, forms, styles, and identities—often mixing them, in part to entertain and in part to challenge my boundaries as a writer, to stretch my vocal chords, so to speak, but also in part to challenge the lingering prejudice against such mestizaje—or meeting and mixing of cultures (and also voices)—and help convert our society into one that accepts itself as it is: polyglossic and stronger for it.


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