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Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS)


Mexican American Studies

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Dr. Stephanie Alvarez

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Dr. Francisco Guajardo

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Emmy Pérez


This study of my life untangles threads of influence which have brought me to my present state of being. I utilize autohistoria-teoria to reflect on the processes of learning and schooling in my life, and weigh them against processes of unlearning and deschooling which I explore through hip hop ways of being – all of which are rooted in my life’s process of coming to love the Rio Grande Valley. This effort is to find solid ground to stand upon as I set off from an academic journey into civilian life with a central concern: At the individual level, how can I live a life which is consistent with uplifting and liberating the Latinx/Xicanx peoples from systemic disenfranchisement by neoliberal imperialism? My argument and conclusions emerge from an existence immersed in the concern, and seek to find a state of being which is consistent with revolutionary resistance.


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