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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Mohammed Jasim Uddin

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Dr. Elamin E. Ibrahim

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Dr. Javier Macossay-Torres


Nanogenerator has been a major focus among researchers of recent time due to its versatile use in everyday life. Though the discovery of the piezoelectricity and the triboelectricity dates back to 19th century, the use of these phenomena has not been in practical use till 2006. In this study we demonstrate the practical application of piezoelectric and triboelectric nanogenerator comprised of different copolymer and piezoelectric ceramic. The largely known piezoelectric polymer Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) has also been utilized. The enhancement of piezoelectric properties of PVDF has been achieved by utilizing surface activation of accommodating ceramic. The Li doped ZnO has been used because of its high d33 values. However, no electromagnetic poling has been utilized. Not only the piezoelectric and triboelectricity and nanogenerator has been studied, its application in real-life has also been utilized. We have been able to use the triboelectric nanogenerator as body motion sensor and effectively measure the body motion as well as plot for energize small smart devices. Overall the research has been able to generate new hybrid and mon nanogenerators and utilize for everyday use in daily life.


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