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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Lyon Rathbun

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Dr. Christopher Carmona

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Dr. James Frost


Since its inception, the writing center has always focused on traditional students, and today that tradition is continued in such a way that the overwhelming amount of research dedicated to writing center theory and practice addresses the concerns of those students. However, universities with unique student populations, such as the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley with its majority of Hispanic students, require novel practices within their writing centers. Moreover, much of the linguistic, social, and cultural factors of the region are not well documented and therefore are not addressed by the mainstream theory and practices of other universities. With the needs of our students in mind, the Writing Center in Brownsville, TX, must adapt to better serve the ESL and non-native English-speaking students of UTRGV. This thesis proposes a model of tutoring intended for these students.


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