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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Zhijun Qiao

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Dr. Andras Balogh

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Dr. Anahit Galstyan


In this paper we outline a method for obtaining generalized peakon solutions for a cubic Camassa-Holm model originally introduced by Fokas (1995) and recently shown to have a Lax pair representation and bi-Hamiltonian structure by Qiao et al (2012). By considering an amended signum function—denoted sgn &thetas;(x)—where sgn(0) = &thetas; for a constant &thetas;, we explore new generalized peakon solutions for this model. In this context, all previous peakon solutions are of the case &thetas; = 0. Further, we aim to analyze the algebraic quadratic equation resulting from a substitution of the single-peakon ansatz equipped with our amended signum function in order to determine the effects of constants k1, k2, c, and &thetas; on the wave height. Moreover, we introduce a new measure R relating the scalars k1, k2 of the cubic and quadratic nonlinearity terms which we find has deterministic properties relating to the existence of real vs complex solutions.


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