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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Creative Writing

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Dr. Britt Haraway

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Dr. Jean Braithwaite

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Dr. Christopher Carmona


In the distant future, a viral agent that transforms people into monsters has overrun the world. Metropolis domains now dominate the United States, using large walls to keep the dangers from entering inside. But safety is not always a guarantee. A man named Nathan uses his ability as a shape-shifting folkloric creature to make a living as a mercenary for hire in the city he lives in.

Nathan also struggles with his inner turmoil of attempting to live in a society that does not accept him while trying to deal with his past trauma that drives his life. But when Nathan is asked to work on a missing person case involving an influential member of the city, it proves to be complicated and dangerous. This will force Nathan to make a critical decision that may have a deadly outcome.


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