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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Thomas D. Knight

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Dr. Thomas D. Knight

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Dr. Xi Chen


Newton, Colin J., Landslide: The 1984 Presidential Campaign. Master of Arts, (MA), December, 2015, 127 pp., 8 figures, references, 57 titles. The thesis provides an in depth historical observation of the events that transpired during the 1984 presidential campaign, which is significant because of its outcome, the largest electoral victory by any presidential candidate. The scope of the research is January 1984 to November 1984. The thesis provides insight into the Democratic primaries and the general election, focusing on the strategies of both campaigns. It identifies the many factors that led to Reagan’s landslide victory.

The overall purpose of the thesis is to provide a comprehensive picture of both campaigns. The story of the 1984 presidential election is told utilizing memoirs, diaries, speeches, periodicals, and polling data. The research was aided by the Ronald W. Reagan Presidential Library and the Minnesota Historical Society, which provided access to many primary documents that help to analyze the 1984 presidential campaign.


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