Theses and Dissertations

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Business Administration

First Advisor

Dr. Jun Sun

Second Advisor

Dr. Bin Wang

Third Advisor

Dr. Xuan Wang


This dissertation investigates the influence of performance feedback in user motivation and creativity development in idea crowdsourcing engagement. Creativity occurs when users of idea crowdsourcing communities engage in direct and indirect interactions that expose them to a pool of knowledge that enhances their cognitive development leading to the contribution of novel ideas for innovation in organizations. Additionally, participant motivation to engage in ideas crowdsourcing is increased through rewards and conditions that make the ideation process more inclusive and enjoyable. An idea network design is developed by applying social network analysis principles. The idea network design consists of mechanisms for motivating user interaction and creativity in the ideation process. The design also provides criterion for creativity evaluation by applying social networks analysis of reciprocity to award points to participants of idea crowdsourcing. This design also proposes mechanisms for evaluating creative ideas for idea crowdsourcing platforms based on creativity literature and social network analysis principles. A theoretical expression of situation awareness and self-determination is tested that leads to the development of three new constructs of individual standing consciousness, idea standing consciousness, and crowdsourcing engagement. This dissertation contributes to scholarship through testing of the situation awareness model and the development of new constructs and measurements. Practical implications of this study provide insights to owners of idea crowdsourcing platforms on how to design idea crowdsourcing platforms that produce novel ideas, leading to innovation and competitiveness in organizations.


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