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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Lyon Rathbun

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Dr. Beatrice Newman

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Dr. Colin Charlton


Machismo has been a traditional reality for most Latino communities for much too long and unfortunately, it does not seem to be making an exit any time soon. To serve as a counteract for machismo, this thesis encourages for Universities to add onto training programs for faculty and staff so that they can serve as mentors for future Latina students. Creating future mentors that help guide Latina students may impact Latina students and their retention rates as well as encourage them to go beyond an undergraduate degree. To serve as a mentor, staff and faculty should be educated in the complications that arise for Latina students due to machismo. In order for faculty and staff in a university setting to serve as a successful mentor, it is important to understand what mentoring is and how it becomes impactful. This thesis will explore the history and concept that is mentoring as well as the burdens that Latinas face due to machismo.


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