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The immigration of Mexicans to the United States of America (USA) has led to migration policy problems in both countries, with ethical, social, human, health and labor implications. For this and other reasons, bilateral relations between these countries have long-standing legal needs. There is a need to find formulas and solutions to confront multiple challenges and opportunities. This research examines the professional profile of Mexican immigrants to the USA. We describe the qualitative, quantitative, exploratory and descriptive case method we employed in a pilot survey we applied in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) of Texas and on a study of immigrants visiting their villages in Central Mexico. The result of our study is the Competency Based Human Resource Management (HRM) Model, which consists of 12 core competencies that comprise the job profile of Mexican immigrants to the USA. This Human Resource Management (HRM) Competency Model is a theoretical contribution to the management field. Our goal is to make it available for use by public and private organizations to assess and implement public programs addressing emergencies in labor insertion and reinsertion of Mexican migrants on both sides of the USA-Mexico border.


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Global Journal of Business Research



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