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Prostate cancer (PCa) cells exploit the aberrant lipid signaling and metabolism as their survival advantage. Also, intracellular storage lipids act as fuel for the PCa proliferation. However, few studies were available that addressed the topic of targeting lipid metabolism in PCa. Here, we assessed the tannic acid (TA) lipid-targeting ability and its capability to induce endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress by reactive oxygen species (ROS) in PCa cells. TA exhibited dual effects by inhibiting lipogenic signaling and suppression of lipid metabolic pathways. The expression of proteins responsible for lipogenesis was down regulated. The membrane permeability and functionality of PCa were severely affected and caused nuclear disorganization during drug exposure. Finally, these consolidated events shifted the cell’s survival balance towards apoptosis. These results suggest that TA distinctly interferes with the lipid signaling and metabolism of PCa cells.


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