Submissions from 2023


New Year's Resolution, Graham A. Hamilton

Submissions from 2022


Joint Angle Variability Is Altered in Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease after Six Months of Exercise Intervention, Farahnaz Fallahtafti, Zahra Salamifar, Mahdi Hassan, Hafizur Rahman, Iraklis Pipinos, and Sara A. Myers


Oral and Topical Treatment of Painful Diabetic Polyneuropathy: Practice Guideline Update Summary, Raymond Price, Don Smith, Gary Franklin, Michael Pignone, William S. David, Carmel Armon, Bruce A. Perkins, Vera Bril, Alexander Rae-Grant, and Lawrence B. Harkless

Submissions from 2021


The epidemiology, evaluation, and assessment of lateral ankle sprains in athletes, G. Javier Cavazos Jr. and Lawrence B. Harkless